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Check Your Refund Status
PerfectMoney Dice Game
Please enter your BATCH Number:
*Last 15 Refund Status Shown.
Missing Transaction Refund Transaction
Status Account # Amount Batch # Refund Amount Refund Batch #
Wait U87337XX$0.10 206203259$0.21wait
Wait U50048XX$0.20 190745617$0.42wait
Wait U14566XX$0.10 186098182$0.21wait
Confirmed U10242XX$0.10 145413803$0.2115026401
Confirmed U39046XX$0.10 108935230$0.2111208182
Confirmed U10794XX$0.50 108297250$1.0510859155
Confirmed U10822XX$0.10 107932406$0.2110859152
Confirmed U70474XX$0.10 102508324$0.2110694273
Confirmed U14147XX$0.20 92632426$0.4292713959
Confirmed U89585XX$0.50 92627697$1.0592713945
Confirmed U89585XX$1.00 92626318$2.1092713925
Confirmed U23206XX$0.20 92614699$0.4292713899
Confirmed U63168XX$0.50 92608823$1.0592713843
Confirmed U93723XX$16.00 92548049$33.6092713780
Confirmed U42961XX$0.20 91384466$0.4291530284
  1. Player who play and not getting result are refunded within 24 hours.If you could not get relevant refund information within 24 hours after that day, please contact us and providing your Transaction BATCH number .

  2. Only functions for missing transaction happened on and after Apr 05th 2013.

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